What can cause itching?

The cause of 50-55 percent of itching cases around the anus is one of the unknown factors. In addition, unconsciously consumed foods may also cause you to encounter this problem. Should I say that tea and coffee are drunk too much between the conversation with the neighbor? Chocolate that goes well with coffees? Or is it the excessive spices that you think make the vicious more palatable? This causes itching. In addition, milk, coke and alcohol consumed cause itching in the anal area. One of the most common causes of itching is fungal infection. In addition, diseases such as pinworm, herpes, and syphilis are among the causes.

There may be no itching in the anus region due to only one reason. There may also be more than one underlying cause. For example, diseases such as diabetes, iron anemia, celiac disease, vitamin A, B, and D deficiency can cause itching. Some skin diseases can also be shown as the cause of this.
Apart from these, the causes of itching in the anal area can be:

Chronic diarrhea and constipation

Inflammatory bowel diseases


• breech crack

Anal fistula

Anal abscess

Rectal prolapse

Rectal and bowel cancer

Genital wart

Stool incontinence

Anal area trauma

• There are many reasons such as inflammation of sweat glands in the main area.
We have no doubt about your cleanliness! However, you should pay more attention to the cleaning of the breech area. With the insufficient cleaning of this region, which has a very sensitive structure, after the toilet, the remaining fecal residue irritates the anus and causes itching and burning. I can not go without saying this, we said the anus area cleaning, and at the same time, excessive cleaning will damage that area. The chemical products used such as soap, shampoo, and genital cleaning products also irritate the anal area. It can cause not only itching but also an allergic reaction.

'So what should we do?' I can hear you say ...

Only water is sufficient for breech area cleaning. It should be cleaned with small touches without excessive damage. After making sure that it is clean, it should not be left wet, it should be dried with toilet paper without damaging it.

How does itching in the anus pass?

Since rectal itching can also be a symptom of very serious diseases, it should not be neglected, especially in cases of long-lasting and constantly recurring itching should be examined by a specialist. There are a few precautions that can be taken for rectal itching, which is also in the acute period.
These are as follows:

• Foods that cause itching in the anal area should be avoided and also plenty of water should be consumed.

• Consuming fibrous and pulp foods eliminates the risk of constipation and diarrhea. In this case, it causes itching to remain in the acute period.

• The main area should be washed with water only. Especially in hot weather, moisture and sweat formed in the breech area should be cleaned. After washing the rectal area, it should be dried with a clean towel.

• When there is a complaint of rectal itching, comfortable clothes should be chosen and cotton underwear that is changed frequently during the day should be used.

• Sit baths performed 2-5 times a day can relieve itching complaints seriously.

If your rectal itching complaint lasts longer than 1 week, you should go to the specialist you trust without wasting time.