It is controlled by a central government health care system by the Ministry of Health in Turkey.  In 2003, the government increases the proportion of the budget allocated to health services and the European and Asian continents at the confluence of Turkey, is a crossroads position in terms of air and road.  about 400,000 foreign patients coming in every year, along with Turkey's importance for health is of paramount importance.  Health centers and medical tourism agencies, the number of patients coming for treatment to Turkey in a joint operation carried out every day as a result of increasing and has reached over 2023 health goals.  It introduced a comprehensive health reform program aimed at making a large part of the population healthy.  Turkey Statistical Institute, explained that the scope of health services in 2012 spent 76.3 billion TL.  There are 30 116 medical institutions in Turkey according to 2013 figures and average 573 patients per doctor is reduced.  In addition, the number of beds per 1000 people is 2.64.  Turkey is in the process of accession to the European Union;  It makes large investments in health, technology and education.  Turkey is one of the countries with the most number of hospitals in the world.

 Turkey is about 39 million visitors annually attracts many tourists with the 6 countries of the world.  Turkey has made significant attacks on tourism and improve the capacity and quality of tourism each year.  It also has an international reputation in the field of hotel management.  Turkey welcoming, hospitality , preferred by millions of tourists every year with quality services and facilities are world class.  With its domestic and international investments in hotel management and health, it is the new favorite of health tourism as well as tourism.